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Cork City of Sanctuary Movement, which is made up of all the city stakeholders including many New Communities representatives, is strategically led by Cork City Council. The movement has been working on implementing a Plan of Action since July 2018 and this Plan     The plan is being implemented through sub-groups, which are led by a very different range of leaders, and include themes such as Arts and Culture, Further and Third Level Education, Advocacy, Primary and Secondary Schools, Children and Youth, Women, Research and other. Many events and trainings have already happened during 2018, and the following are some examples:

The Cultural Relevant Parenting Program for mothers and babies and their graduation, run by the Cork Migrant Center

the Inter-Cultural Dialogue Training for facilitators run by Cork City Partnership

meetings of all the sub-groups of Cork City of Sanctuary to develop the plan of action 


Promoting Political Engagement of Migrants Event which happened in September 2018



Conversation Cafe, run by the City Libraries 

The publication of book “A Journey Called Home”, an initiative developed by Cork City Libraries a multilingual anthology which includes poems and prose set in Cork City from 62 writers, including translations in 20 languages and photographs